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If you haven't heard...  

Hello my beautiful fucks,

So I just dropped a preview of Taking You Home on my SoundCloud page. If you've already unlocked your free copy of the Welcome EP, then no need to even read any further. The preview ain't gonna mean shit to you.


For those of you who haven't yet unlocked your copy of the EP..

What are you waiting for?

The EP is 4 tracks and it's just my way of welcoming you to the website. 

Oh, and for my long time mailing list supporters... if you don't actually have this EP yet, please get in touch and I'll e-mail you right back with an instant download! 

Anywhore, I need to crack on. I've had 5 hours sleep and I'm just about to record a verse for someone else's track (more on that later) and then it's time to finish up more solo songs.

Peace & Love!