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Monumental Records 

What's good, team?

As some of you may know, I registered my own record label in 2011 called Krafty Records. This was just so I could professionally and independently release my own music legally. Some people forget that since 2005, I released my own music on the internet for free. The majority of my releases were free downloads unless I was working on a project by myself or with other artists. And since the success of iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc, indie artists like myself have more of a foot in the game. So Krafty Records was just a way for me to utilise that.

Some of you may remember my work with Spit Pit Music in 2008. This was also another music distribution company that I started. Artists included 3sixT, JackPot, Lucy Pearson and Kasper Black to name a few. We had a good run. Spit Pit Music brought you projects like "Fighting Demons" by JackPot and "The Coalition" by 3sixT and myself. We worked with some great producers, some very talented artists and we also got our music on a fair few radio stations throughout 2008-2009. 

To cut a long story short, I'm now launching my own record label.

Ladies and Gentlemen... I proudly present: Monumental Records.

This is much more than just a name I'll use to distribute my music with. This will be a home to not only my music but as the company grows, more artists, bands, producers, etc. I want to build a movement. Something solid. Something that my fans can associate themselves with and support to the fullest. I have so much support from listeners that have been down since day one and I would love them to support this. Monumental represents standing up in the face of adversity. When others would sooner knock you down than build you up, you still rise. You prevail over all.

And I think that can apply to not only the artists I'll sign, not only myself but also the fans that support the music and the movement. 

I am more than just another rapper. From this point on... I am Monumental.

And with the right mindstate, you can be too.

Thank you for your support - I really appreciate it all.
- Krafty


Join the official Krafty Street Team!

Join the official Krafty Street Team!

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