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Brewsday Rap Session

The Gladstone, 123 Lewes Rd, Brighton, BN2 3QB

Performing brand new songs from the We're All Gonna Die! album and songs from Not For Resale.

Come down to The Gladstone and see Krafty perform live along with other talented MC's in Brighton.

Tuesday Brewsday Rap Session at The Gladstone. Marcus Mandible and StrungOut bring you a FREE ENTRY night of Grime // Hip Hop // Punk Hop & Rap.



Spare Change (FREE EP - OUT NOW!) 

What's the dealy dealy?!

With this year drawing to a close, I wanted to release some music to the fans who have supported my album Not For Resale and who continue to support me as an artist in general, even if I'm not the most active online.

Spare Change is a collection of songs that were originally recorded for Not For Resale. There are also one or two songs on there that were also intended for a potential second album/mixtape.

I've mastered the quality to the best I could but please realise that the songs are old. Some of them were written and recorded as far back as 2010.

I have hundreds of songs dating back to 2009 which could have also appeared on this release but I chose to keep the tracklist short and sweet.


As for future releases, I have multiple projects I'm working on right now. I'm not really focussed on a particular style of music either so the songs
have quite a variety. Putting them all on one project will be too hard so you may see a number of EP's come out in 2015. 

Other things in the pipeline include new music videos and gigs but of course, when I know more, you'll know more! 

Anyway, cop that free EP! Spare Change!

And let me know what you guys think.

As always, thank you for your support. It means a lot.




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We're All Gonna Die! + Not For Resale
Get your copy while stocks last!

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Join the official Krafty Street Team!

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